Be a healthy person! Know the hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the best treatment to definitively solve your injuries

If you no longer find what to do to cure this condition that does not let you live in peace, it is time to request a second medical opinion, related to monoplace hyperbaric chamber for sale. You will know a wonderful world that will give you the health you are looking for, this treatment will really change your life forever.

It has been proven that oxygen levels in the blood influence the transport of plasma and the regeneration of tissues. As these levels increase, the healing process is more noticeable. Thanks to oxygen therapy, we can affirm that recovery in patients is quite significant and satisfactory.
People with bone injuries, smoke or carbon monoxide poisoning, burns, grafts, pre and post-operative processes, air embolisms, diabetic foot, circulatory problems and much other pathology have found the definitive cure with a treatment in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

There are several types of a hyperbaric chamber; all are approved by the FDA, ASME and PVHO-1, institutions that regulate this class of equipment. The Monoplace is for a single person, their models Hybrid 4000 DL and 3200 SL, are designed in the transparent material so that the doctor and patient do not lose contact, while the session lasts. The Multiplace is used for groups, in their various models 6000, 7200 and 8400, mobile and transportable.

Depending on the type and severity of the disease, the number of treatments and the duration of each will be indicated. In them, the patient will lie down in the chamber and 100% pure oxygen will be provided. Side effects are minimal and disappear in a short time.

To provide these treatments you must go to specialized centers or hospitals. If you need to create a center for this type of service, enter, Tekna experts will show you all their equipment for the application of hbot, conditions, prices, installation, etc. Your highly qualified staff is waiting for you, to give you the best information and clear any questions you may have.